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Our vision

3. Good Health and Well-Being

LifeBoard® is driven by an ambition to increase safety and develop the best possible rescue equipment for the public. The aim with the LifeBoard is to increase the safety of rescue actions where beachgoers get in the water to stop a drowning accident.

We work towards stopping drowning accidents before they get terrible consequences. A fast rescue from a civil rescuer on the beach can reduce the chance of permanent injury and worst case, a fatal drowning.

Every year, there are estimated 16.000 near-drownings in Denmark. This is something we can change!

We don't want to add more plastic on the beach – we will use what has already been left

Recycling plastic in a safety equipment is far from an easy task, as we require high quality of our product. Using marine plastic in safety products means that the beach and the sea become a cleaner and less CO2 is derived. Most of all, it will help to push the boundaries of using recycled plastics. We are actively working through 2021 on developing and demonstrating how marine plastic can replace a part of the plastic we use in the LifeBoard®.

LifeBoard ApS's vision is to create the world's safest beaches.

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Safety at eye level

LifeBoard ApS wants to spread the mesage and respect for water. Our first step is a rescue equipment for the beach, with a design that focus on creating new standards and changing a status quo.

However, our values are build on a holistic safety solution, that focuses on areas like as educating younger generation and spread the message of beachgoers as civil rescuers.

Numbers that we have to change!

experience near-drowning every year in Denmark
of fatal drownings are civilians in the attempt of saving others on the Danish West Coast
of life-saving actions happen outside the lifeguard area