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Lifesaving equipment?

By Mikkel Thomassen for WeConsider ApS


Lifesaving equipment?

By Mikkel Thomassen for WeConsider

We all know the iconic lifebuoy, a piece of rescue equipment that can turn the passer-by into a rescuer, we know it's for throwing out to a distressed... But on the beach? You do not have the opportunity to throw it from the water's edge, as few people are drowning 10 metres out. So why is it that we find the life saving wreath on all the Danish beaches? is it really just a lack of a better solution? Imagine having to turn your back on a person who is drowning to pick up the lifebuoy in the dunes.

At WeConsider we have been testing the life saving wreath on the West Coast over the last year. It is a good product on piers, boats or harbour areas, but on a Danish flat beach where you have to swim with it, it loses its qualities.

It is still a well-functioning floating agent that can provide enough buoyancy to keep a person afloat, the problem is getting out to the needy, which is a critical time point for the chance of survival where speed is an important factor.

To retrieve the lifebuoy all the way back into the dunes and then have to swim it out, significantly delays and weakens the rescuer, especially considering that a bad swimmer can drown in less than 60sec.

so how can it still be a reality on the Danish beaches, it is perhaps time that we start talking about the beach rescues in a different way than just the five bathing rules, the lifebuoy and to remember sunscreen?

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