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We tailor safety solutions for each beach. If you are interested in water safety on your beach, please feel free to contact us.


The aim with the LifeBoard® is that no rescuers get hurt during a rescue attempt and to reduce the number of swimming-related drowning deaths by 50%. The LifeBoard® ensures that civil rescuers have the necessary tools at hand to safely help others in need. Accidents can be stopped fast, reducing the risk of permanent injuries and hospitalisation of near-drowning victims.




The goal of the LifeBoard is that no rescuers are injured during rescue attempts and that the number of bathing-related drowning deaths is reduced by 50%. The LifeBoard ensures that the civilian rescuer has the necessary tools at hand to safely assist others in need. Accidents can be stopped more quickly, reducing the risk of permanent harm and hospitalisation of near-drowning victims.

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How to stop an accident!

LifeBoard® features

Handles & buoyancy to stabilise both a civil rescuer and a distressed. Larger front handles to avoid direct contact between a civil rescuer and a distressed.

Safety Leash that is adjustable and provides extra floation for a civil rescuer. This secures the rescuer to the LifeBoard®.

Sealing that deters misuse and theft of LifeBoard®.

Leash to ensure that a civilian rescuer is attached to flotation and does not lose the LifeBoard®.

Fittings consists of standard sign fittings (x2) and special designed fittings for the LifeBoard® (x2)

Reflective tape for greater visibility on land and at sea.

Illustrations & Instructions that shows and describes the use of LifeBoard® in Danish, English and German.

GPS-equipped to collect data about the use of the LifeBoard® in action, misuse, theft, etc.

Here's how to stop the accident!

Possibilities with LifeBoard®

The LifeBoard® is needed on the Danish beaches to give beachgoers a flotation device at hand to rescue a distressed victim safe and in time before it is too late. LifeBoard® creates a new focus on civil life-saving on the beach. With this innovative product, we are solving a societal problem and reducing the number of drowning accidents.

The LifeBoard® has been validated and tested by users and TrygFonden Kystlivredning at their BølgeCamp 2019.

This illustration shows fatal swimming-related accident from 2001-2017. Lifeguard towers are set up strategically on the beaches

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Set up on the beach

Full Setup High-profile beaches with high numbers of visitors where beachgoers will move further down the beach to avoid busy areas. This poses a greater risk to e.g. rip currents and difficult water conditions.

Customized setup Less visited beaches are often without lifeguards. The LifeBoard® is easy to mount on already existing tubes, as a replacement of rescue stations or on beach number signs. It gives the beach increased safety without larger actions

Extension of lifeguard tower 80% of lifesaving actions happen outside the lifeguard area (Respect for water'19)For larger safety coverage of the beach, the LifeBoard® can be as an extended to lifeguard towers during the summer period.