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A LifeBoard can prevent drowning accidents all year round

It is with the same mindset as LifeBoard - simple & safe

Water security all year round?

We believe that water safety is relevant all year round, whatever the weather.

Drowning accidents happen not only in the warm water of summer, but also when the water reaches zero.

It can often be difficult to assess how the ice can support you, and if you do go out on the ice there may be several measures that make the ice unsupportable.

Falling through the ice and hitting the cold water can be life-threatening, and the thin ice can make it difficult to carry out a rescue operation from land.

LifeBoard Ice - Kit is therefore developed for ice rescues.

LifeBoard Ice-Kit - simple and safe

The new board was developed and created by the same people, so safety is the first priority.

By creating a flotation device that works for ice rescues, it also contributes to civilian safety, and if an accident occurs outside the lifeguard season, relevant rescue equipment must still be available.

We have therefore adapted the board for ice-cream dishes and have implemented:

  • Simple instructions for a safe rescue on ice.
  • Safety strap with ice axe for own safety.
  • 100m safety line mounted on LifeBoard, which can either be given to a rescuer on land or mounted on a stand.

That's why all-season equipment makes sense, and together we can prevent drowning accidents in all weather and water conditions.


Features for ice rescue

Our rescue equipment is specifically designed for ice related accidents,
increasing the safety of the civilian rescuer and the rescued.


Is-kit A closed vinyl bag with instructions, safety strap, ice axe and 100m safety line


Instructions To perform a safe rescue with LifeBoard without prior training


Simple to use for civilians - simply pull the safety strap to reveal the contents


Issyle on safety strap for personal safety of the civilian


In case of 2 persons , the bag with the safety line can be given to someone on shore, who then has the possibility to pull the rescuer and the emergency equipment ashore


Support on the ice like a sledge, the LifeBoard can be used to distribute weight when moving towards the emergency


Push over the ice to keep distance from the unsafe ice, LifeBoard can slide the last 10m to the emergency spot while the safety line is attached


Pull the person gently out of the water and then onto land

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